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Green Waste Drop Off

We accept organic garden waste and brush to recycle.  A garbage can or bag is $3. A pick-up truck $15, 3-5 tonne $45 and tandem dump truck for $100. Stumps will be priced by request. Please note we do not accept any painted or treated woods, or any construction waste.


Fill/Sod Drop Off

We also accept clean fill and sod to recycle. We charge $25/ Cubic Yard for fill soil or sod to be dropped off. ($25 minimum) Please note we do not accept any fill soil with construction waste contaminants i.e. concrete, brick, wires, etc.


Delivery Info

We offer delivery of all our Soils, Mulches, Stone, and Specialty Products in either our Single axle, or Tandem axle Dump Truck.

(No minimum order, Slinger Trucks also available by request)

Dodge 5500

Single axle mini dump truck

$65+GST/ Flat Rate (within 11km by road from Sooke Soil) , $78/Hr+GST (outside of local range)

Western Star

Tandem Axle dump truck



Free Fill


Consists of small and large sticks, rocks, etc. Made from screening Top Soil and Compost. Delivery options available.


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